Alphonso Maldon, Community Outreach

Wounded Warrior’s Tips for Getting VA Benefits


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VA Benefits

Formerly the chair of the government’s Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission, Alphonso Maldon now offers consulting services through his firm, Partnership Strategies Consulting, where he also serves as president and CEO. Apart from his professional responsibilities, Alphonso Maldon is a strong supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project.

Wounded Warrior project is one of the most prevalent and far-reaching organizations when it comes to helping former military personnel obtain their VA benefits. The organization recently released the following five tips that people should keep in mind when trying to get these benefits for themselves once their service is complete:

1) Learn who your advocates are. There are groups who specialize in getting this information to service members when they go off active duty. Forming relationships with advocates in organizations that are committed to serving veterans is the first and most important step to get the ball rolling.

2) Find out which disabilities are actually handled through the claims process. Advocates can help soldiers distinguish between chronic illness, which is eligible for VA benefits, and transient health conditions, which are not.

3) Collect as much documentation as possible. Copies of your charts, doctor’s notes, and other information that supports the diagnosis of a chronic illness are vital in defending your benefits claim.

4) Don’t miss any VA-mandated exams. Bring the proper materials that VA asks for when you visit. If you’re confused at all about this process, work with your advocate to ensure you have everything you need when you go to the VA for evaluation.

5) Take an active role in furthering your claim. Soldiers have the best chance to get results when they commit themselves to the process.