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The Inception of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society


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Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society

Having started his career in 1972 as a commissioned U.S. Army officer, Alphonso Maldon, Jr., has since assumed various respected positions in the public and private sectors and currently functions as the president and CEO of Partnership Strategies Consulting, a business consulting firm he founded in 2004. An alumnus of the University of Oklahoma with an MA in human relations, Alphonso Maldon, Jr., is also a member of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society (AKM).

A general scholarship honor society, AKM was established in 1937 by Dr. George W. Gore, Jr., the dean of Tennessee A&I State College (now Tennessee State University). It is an academic society that encourages high scholarship among junior and senior academics from different fields and cultivates the appreciation of knowledge and other scholarly endeavors without bias of color, gender, and nationality.

AKM was initiated after representatives from five colleges with scholastic honor societies convened with Dr. Gore to form the Federation of Honor Societies. After its third annual convention in 1939, the Federation was rechristened as Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Today, AKM encompasses approximately 70 active chapters and nearly 92,000 members.