Alphonso Maldon, Business

Experienced Adviser Leads Businesses Through the DoD Bid Process

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Partnership Strategies Consulting

Mr. Alphonso Maldon is the president and founder of Partnership Strategies Consulting, a firm that establishes strategic business development services for government contractors. Mr. Maldon was appointed by President Obama to serve as the chairman of the Military Compensation, Retirement and Modernization Committee, whose function is to make recommendations for active and retired service members’ pay and benefits packages. Mr. Alphonso Maldon uses his experience from many years of working within the federal government in advisory roles to teach small and mid-sized firms how to navigate the procurement process and improve their success in securing government contracts.

Finding the way through the federal bidding process takes experience and knowledge, and there is a specific course of action that must be followed in order for a business to be allowed to bid. When pursuing a federal contract, a company must first register with Systems Award Management (SAM). SAM is the database from which the Department of Defense lists the contracting and subcontracting opportunities. Small and mid-size businesses utilize the database to confirm the financial details and procurement specifications.

After the initial registration, the business must determine their target market within the Department of Defense, follow the Department of Defense procedures for contractors, and fulfill the Federal regulations regarding acquisitions.