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Washington, DC and Major League Baseball, Reunited after 34 Years


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Washington Nationals

Mr. Alphonso Maldon is the president and founder of Partnership Strategies Consulting, a private consulting firm that specializes in teaching small and mid-sized businesses the strategic steps necessary to acquire federal contracts. Mr. Alphonso Maldon also managed the investment group that financed the bid for the purchase of the Major League’s Washington Nationals Baseball Club. As a founding partner, Mr. Maldon used his knowledge of finance to bring together the Lerner Group, investors that bought the Washington Nationals baseball franchise.

When the Washington Senators moved to Texas in 1971, the 71-year history of a Washington, D.C.-affiliated baseball team was broken. The Senators had played through 11 presidents throwing out the first pitch of the season, as well as three vice presidents. Their last season playing in Washington was a losing season that ended with a record of 63-92. This season was the inspiration for the phrase, “Washington, first in war, first in peace, and last in the American League.”

Even with the losing record, baseball fans in Washington were not happy to see their team leave; the last game in Washington was played amid the boos and jeers of the fans that resulted in a riot and the forfeiture of the game.

After the Senators left, there were other attempts to purchase a franchise, but it was 34 years later before Washington rejoined the Major Leagues. The Lerner Group successfully bid for the franchise, reuniting Washington, D.C. fans and Major League Baseball.